5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

Microdor Pro 500 ml

5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

Liqzyme 1 kg

Microdor Pro 500 ml

Microdor® Pro is a liquid formulation comprised of selected natural microorganisms, surfactants and perfuming agents. Its special formulation makes it particularly effective for preventing and eliminating odours due to the build-up of organic residues. Microdor® Pro is a biodegradable product. Microdor® Pro is formulated with strictly non-pathogenic microorganisms, according to European Directive 2000/54/EC.
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Microdor® Pro can be used in all establishments where bad odours may occur. Microdor® Pro removes smells from urinals, pipes, carpets, animal beds, rubbish containers and bin storage rooms, vehicles, etc.


- Deodorizes rooms and surfaces.

- Immediate action due to the combination of surfactants and perfuming agents.

- Deep action due to microorganisms that can digest complex fats, oils, cellulose, proteins, starch, etc., and destroy the source of odours.

- Does not contain caustic soda.

- Highly stable and can be kept for long periods.

- Non-flammable product. Non-toxic, non-corrosive.


For pipes, use Microdor® Pro neat, pour (20 – 50 ml) in each drain or toilet affected by problems of bad smells. Allow the product to act for 5-10 minutes and then run the water. To deodorise textiles, you can also use the product neat or diluted in water at 10–20%, with a spray application. To treat waste containers, apply diluted to 10 - 20% and focus on the walls of the container.

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