5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

Liqzyme 1 kg

5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

Microdor Pro 500 ml

5D Neutral All-Floors Cleaner 425 ml

Inoxnet Brillo 750 ml

Liqzyme 1 kg

Kitchen wastewater has a high level of fats from dishwashing and food preparation, among other processes.

These plant and animal fats accumulate over time in the pipes and in the fat separators, causing a series of problems, such as: Blockages in pipes due to loss of span. Fast silting up of the fat separator, with a risk of overflow. Release of bad smells from these facilities.

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LIQZYME is a strong biotechnology formula designed to solve these kinds of problems.

It is comprised of natural microorganisms that are strictly non-pathogenic, surfactant compounds and plant origin complexes. Due to the specific combination of its components, LIQZYME acts fast emulsifying and breaking down fats accumulated in treated systems.


- Action to remove fat deposits.

- Product with no chlorinated solvents, alkaline or acid products.

- Strictly non-corrosive, neutral product.

- Non-toxic.

- Totally biodegradable.

- Strengthens depurative bacterial flora from the natural environment. LIQZYME is formulated with strictly non-pathogenic microorganisms, according to European Directive 2000/54/EC.

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