Molar bånd

Molar bånd



We offer two types of high quality molar bands.

Both are manufactured in Japan by Tomy® Inc


Our welding procedure scrupulously follows the recommendation of Tomy Inc.

ISO 9001 (certificate n ° 593585) and ISO 13485 (certificate n ° 593588) certified. We assure the supply of products for the welding of European bands at our facility in Breckerfeld, Germany.

Sure-Snap Molar Bands

The alloy used in Sure-Snap makes the bands both hard and elastic. The difference in thickness between the occlusal edge and the gingival edge creates:

  • Resistant to the pressure of the band-pusher (occlusal edge)
  • Elastic enough to get over the contour of the teeth without any deformation (gingival edge).

With Sure-Snap, you’ll receive a special anatomy for each type of molar, an easy-to-read permanent marking and an electro-etched interior for unique retention.

They are available in 32 sizes for 1st molars and 30 sizes for 2nd molars.

A-Fit Molar Bands

The A-Fit Band features all the qualities of Sure-Snap Bands. The difference is a higher crown height for the A-Fit Band and a larger choice of sizes in the higher numbers.

Sure-Snap Bicuspid Bands

The manufacturing quality for Sure-Snap Bicuspid Bands is identical as our molar bands.
Band setting is conducted via a rocking movement, alternating mesial and distal pressure. Sure Snap Bicuspid Bands are available in three different anatomies:
  • 1st maxillary bicuspids (32 Sizes)
  • 1st mandibular bicuspids (25 Sizes)
  • 2nd mandibular bicuspids (27 Sizes)


Thanks to their easy setting, there is no reason to hesitate in using these bands instead of brackets for severe rotations or in the case of bond failures.

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