Moraz Skin Saver

Moraz Skin Saver

Moraz Skin Saver

Suitable for treating cold fissures, damage with an inflammation, bites/stings, rough skin irritations, rashes, up to second-degree burns, open wounds. For soothing Atopic Dermatitis (skin asthma) and acute nappy rash.50 ml
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Like all Moraz products Skin Saver is naturally active and effective, and avoids the need for the harsh chemicals usually recommended to treat these problems.


Clinically Proven

Clinically supported in treating second-degree burns. Updated clinical research results show efficiency in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis.

Skin saver is held in such high regard in Israel that it is used extensively as a topical treatment by fire brigades in Tiberias (The Capital of Galilee) and throughout Israel. It is also routinely used in the treatment of burns in  Rambam and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospitals.


Why is  Skin Saver so special?

Moraz’s best-selling Skin Saver is a highly effective, naturally active, multi-purpose ointment that is clinically proven to rejuvenate damaged skin. This natural treatment ointment contains Polygonum, Artemisia, Sage and Myrtle to protect, rehabilitate, relax and rejuvenate damaged skin. As a result of Moraz’s unique production methods Skin Saver has a significantly high herbal concentrate (99%) meaning more healing power without the use of the harsh chemicals usually recommended to treat such conditions.

Skin Saver acts as a natural substitute for topical treatments containing steroids and cortisone.

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Manufacture Dentalvarehuset AS
QTY 1 pc (50 ml)
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